बबाल खबर आई IREDA शेयर होल्डर्स के लिये

Renewable Energy Boom

The Indian government’s increasing focus on the renewable energy sector is sparking interest among investors. Recently, the government introduced shares of IREDA (Indian Renewable Energy Development Agency) in the market, leading to a surge in this sector.

The announcement of the ‘Prime Minister Suryodaya Scheme’, aimed at installing one crore solar panels, is a direct push towards enhancing renewable energy.

Long Jump of IRDEA Share

Since its IPO, IREDA has given investors a return of up to 400%. The momentum in this sector has attracted more attention from investors. IREDA’s shares have made a significant leap in the market, keeping investors’ focus on its performance.

IREDA Future Performance

Market experts believe that IREDA could be a potential multibagger stock. With governmental initiatives and increasing investments in the renewable energy sector, IREDA’s shares are expected to see further growth in the future. Investors are keenly watching the performance of IREDA, anticipating its continued upward trajectory.

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